Overpriced Archtops

December 30, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Here are some examples of sellers who think they can get away with pricing their stuff way above what is the normal market price (and perhaps they can). First, a Biltmore. Second, a Harmony Cremona. Third, a Regal. Finally, a Gibson L-37.

3 Responses to “Overpriced Archtops”

  1. DHM Says:

    They’re not doing anything wrong while they’re not forcing people to hand over the money. After all that phrase often mis-attributed to P.T. Barnum is still true today…

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    You are entirely right. I am an economist by education and do not, of course, think there is any “just price” for an archtop guitar other than the one the parties agree on. I was just flabbergasted by the nerve of these sellers …

  3. The over-priced Biltmore is now in my collection for a pitance of what was ask for it. It is a beautiful archtop by one of the lower end, mass production guitar makers HARMONY who in reality outfitted many an early player who’s pockets were shallow. It is a piece of history. All hand done perfling etc. Sounds actually Very Good. Remember those players posing for Pub. pics with big name guitars were many times just borrowed for the picture!

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