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More Stuff for Sale from the Duke Robillard Collection

August 30, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Here is Duke’s Gibson EH-150 amplifier, offered at a 2,200 USD buy-it-now price. And here are some detailed pics of the EH-150 (posted on the nice, nerdy Vintage Gibson Amp Gallery). Although the EH-150 may be almost as much associated with Charlie Christian and the ES-150 model as the famous blade pick-up, the amplifier was originally developed as a partner to the EH-150 lap steel guitar, Gibson’s first truly electric instrument. Apropos: Duke also offers a EH-150 lap steel for sale.

May 31, 2007

Nicolai Foss

This is the site of the arguably premier dealer of gypsy guitars (the of the monde jazz manouche). This is where to go if you are interested in a Selmer 1946 (offered at the bargain price of 26,500 USD). Check out the beatiful DiMauro gypsy archtop design, Chorus, and the Cousnon copy of that design (priced at less than half of the original).