Herb Ellis Dies

April 4, 2010

Nicolai Foss

The last of the Great Guitars died on March 28. If you don’t own Detour Ahead: An Afternoon with Herb Ellis already, you should buy it. Lots of reminiscences and examples of Herb’s clean and swinging playing.

One Response to “Herb Ellis Dies”

  1. Yes Nicolai but is he really the last of the greats and….. is he really dead to those who have only heard or seen him play on recordings or D.V.D/video’s? I am sure Herb Ellis will live for ever in the ears of thousands of Jazz lovers who never even knew him personally and that in it’s self is a wonderful concept. How many of us will pass away and be remembered by many more people than just those that personally knew us?
    My thought go out to his family as they will always remember him differently to how we will.
    Richard Autenzio. Archtop Guitars & Books. Australia.

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