25,000 Guitar Players Say Gibson Should Reissue Classic Epiphone Archtops

January 24, 2010

Nicolai Foss

Now, here is truly a cause worth joining!! You must have a Facebook account to join. Here is the group description:

The Emperor, Deluxe, Broadway, Trumph, Zephyr Deluxe, and Zephyr Emperor Regent. These classic Epiphones of the period 1935 through to 1965 have long been out of production. Join if you think Gibson or Epiphone should reissue them once more!

Check out the fantastic photo gallery with mouth-watering Epis.

2 Responses to “25,000 Guitar Players Say Gibson Should Reissue Classic Epiphone Archtops”

  1. Ton van Bergeijk Says:

    Yes please! I used to have a 1937 Triumph that I had to trade in (among a load of other instruments) in order to afford to get a 1943 Emperor, not something I regret, but I do miss the Triumph and it would be great to have one like that again I will also always keep my ’35 (Super)Deluxe; and I’ve never held a Broadway: what are they like? All Epi’s are real individuals. But for reissues: the old woods, the slow drying, the old luthiers who knew what to do, will they addept these new instruments to modern day playing, use Gison-scale, will they ruin them with X-bracing so you can’t use heavy gauges and high action, do they still know about top-tuning? I’m not quite sure if I’ve got enough faith in the modern builders.

    • Mark Lee Meara Says:

      I’m the group’s founder, and I have emailled gibson regarding the proposed guitars construction and other details. they will be EXACT replicas of the originals; original scale lengths, inlay, wood species. If the original model was all carved, so will the reissues. The electric models will be plywood, hovever, in keeping with the original specs.

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