DeArmond Craziness — Cont’d

January 10, 2010

Nicolai Foss

I have often noted the absurd prices that the fine, but not extraordinary, DeArmond pickups are offered at. This offer exceeds anything I have seen yet: a “sofort kaufen” price of 950 Euros for, no, not an 1100, but a simple FHC pickup! If you want one of these, check out American ebay, where they can often be purchased at less than 200 USD.

2 Responses to “DeArmond Craziness — Cont’d”

  1. Brian F Says:

    On the contrary, the DeArmond 1100 is simply extraordinary. Both the 1000 and the 1100 are virtually noise-free single-coil pickups with a clear open wide-ranging sound (not muddy, not shrill) that capture single-notes, full chords, and everything in between without any note or voice losing definition. Combined with a finely-tuned archtop and an under-driven valve amp – well, I think there is no better sound.

    Once old DeArmond pickups cost less than a set of cheap bass strings. The last one I bought cost me, by the time I got it here to Australia and had it mounted on to the guitar, as much as a cheap bass. Sadly, the old days are gone, but it’s been worth every cent.

    • Yes Brian, You are correct. They are great pickups for Archtops and I have not come across anything that matches them without drilling holes all over a good collectible archtop guitar. the only thing you got wrong brian is that they are worth every dollar not every cent.
      Thanks for you wise practicle comments. Richard.

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