Michele Ariodante Mails Me on “Stage Fright”

October 31, 2009

Nicolai Foss

I earlier blegged on whether transcriptions are available of the great Kress/McDonough duet “State Fright”. Talented Italian guitarist, Michele Ariodante, who plays in the Lang-Kress-McDonough tradition (e.g., here and here), writes the following to me:

The sheet music for ‘Stage fright’, although not a note-for-note transcription (is an arrangement for one guitar, without chords but has tablatures)is published on page 52 of ‘Masters of the plectrum guitar’ edited by Mel Bay. It should be a reprint of the 1935 edition (I presume the tabs have been added from the editors). Even with a lot of missing stuff the solo line is much similar to the original and fun to play.
P.S.For the Kress-mcDonough fans: if you’re looking for a real gem, check out the cd ‘Saturday night swing club’ by Memphis Archives: radio transcription from the 1937 and Kress/McDonough play a live version of ‘Chicken a la swing’ backed by a big band. Following, always with big band,other two minutes of pure swing with ‘I know that you know’. If they only had recorded more in that format!

7 Responses to “Michele Ariodante Mails Me on “Stage Fright””

  1. Jørgen Larsen Says:

    Just some additional info re Kress-McDonough with band, you should check out the vinyl release of a dozen radio-transcriptions from 1937 on Jazz Archieves, JA 32 from 1976. A pity these sessions haven’t been re-issued on cd!

  2. michele ariodante Says:

    I agree Mr.Larsen, the Jazz Achive JA32 is probably the main source for the Kress/McDonough duo, but I had to search for years to find a good copy on the websites. Can’t understand why it has never been reissued, we can only hope that some day it will be (like it has happened with Van Eps). I would add to the list the cds of the Dick McDonough Orchestra,where the duo is present on some tunes. Also, the cds by Cumquat Records are a must to check.

    • Mike Ducey Says:

      Hello Michele – I don’t see a direct email address to you. Since I will be reworking my http://jazzipedia.com site soon, I would love to have you on there. You can open up a world of music from Europe to me and hopefully to many other people! My email is mikeducey@gmail.com

      Just a note: George Barnes daughter is looking to sell her dad’s beautiful instrument. The Acousti-Lectric prototype. Some guitar enthusiast would love this guitar I am sure.

  3. Jørgen Larsen Says:

    Mr. Ariodante, great to know that I’m not the only one on the planet who has been searching for a decent copy of JA32! – Regarding Van Eps, yes, a lot of re-issue has been maintained, but why not the 1939 Bill Harty Presents George Van Eps Ensemble
    (Columbia 35694 78 RPM), indispensable! – I also miss some update info and recordings featuring Bus Etri with Hudson-DeLange Orch. maybe you have some hints?
    Jørgen Larsen

  4. Nicolai Foss Says:

    Apropos Bus Etri: I have two cuts on the Hittin’ on All Six four-CD compilation, but that’s all I know of. It is quite clear that the guy was a master. But all I can find available in the CD format are those two cuts. Have I overlooked something?

    • Jørgen Larsen Says:

      Hi Nicolai,
      Yes, Bus Etri definitely was a master, unfortunately very little re-issue. There was a Hindsight LP feat. Hudson-DeLange Orch. c.1938 with some cuts of great solos by Bus Etri, a few air-checks with Charlie Barnet from c.1939-40 incl. the best take of ‘Hangover In Hong-Kong’. That’s about what I have in my files plus the two cuts from Hittin’ …. – Well, I never took time to go through the Chronological Classics re-issue of Charlie Barnet from 1939-41, that’s the only other source that comes to mind.

  5. Michele Ariodante Says:

    Just like Nicolai, the two cuts from ‘Hittin’ are all I have about Bus Etri. But the idea of checking Chronological Classics is absolutely right,thanks for suggestion.

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