Those Missing Lang L5s

September 2, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Nick Alexander sends this:

Photos verify that Eddie did have two L-5 guitars; one was a dot inlay and the other was a block inlay. The following is unverified info: A story that I was told by a friend who spoke with Kitty Lang in the 1970’s was that Eddie took both L-5’s to a recording gig and left one of them in the car. The one in the car was subsequently stolen. At the time my friend spoke to her (1970’s) she was selling the L-5 along with a Gibson Banjo of his. I’ve also heard that currently that guitar is somewhere in Northern California.

2 Responses to “Those Missing Lang L5s”

  1. Alvin Rocha Says:

    I was a friend to the late Kitty Lang, and she told me a similar story about the stolen guitar, but it wasn’t Eddie who left the guitar in the car. If I recall correctly one was given to Joe Venuti after Eddie’s death and he left it in his car. The other was sold for a large amount of money, at the time, to a San Diego man who had the money and time to do such things. Do know where it is now. Kitty was a wonderful,gracious,lady.

  2. Alvin Rocha Says:

    Excuse me for the typo, I meant to say, I DON’T know where the guitar is know. Eddie had heavy guage strings on the guitar.

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