Boogaloo Joe Jones

August 30, 2009

Nicolai Foss

I only recently came across the soul jazz guitar work of Ivan Joseph Jones, aka “Boogaloo Joe” Jones (1940 – ?). He is seldom, if ever, mentioned in jazz encyclopediae or jazz guitar books. Only active for little more than a decade (1966-1978), “Boogaloo Joe” was clearly overlooked, in spite of great talent . He apparently completely disappeared from the music scene and little is known about his current whereabouts. The acid jazz craze led to a rediscovery of his work (here is the Amazon listing). has a bio and a list of recordings. Here is “Boogaloo” on youtube.

One Response to “Boogaloo Joe Jones”

  1. Aiden Mark Says:

    Respect. I found a CD of his on Amazon a few weeks ago and was entranced. A heady blend of soul jazz guitar with 70s funk, played to perfection. Its excellent work. He deserves to be much better known.

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