Pat Martino Unstrung

May 17, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Here is the link to the official site for the recent Unstrung movie on Pat Martino’s amazing musical recovery from a brain operation that essentially totally erased all of his musical and artistic knowledge. I am definitely going to order this, not just because I am an admirer of Martino’s playing, but also because the movie interestingly explores the broader implications for cognitive science of the Martino case.

2 Responses to “Pat Martino Unstrung”

  1. DHM Says:

    Ordered, thank you for the pointer.

    Paul Broks’ book
    Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropsychology is well worth reading too.

  2. Rob Says:

    Fascinating topic. Memory erased, but is the artistic skill apart from that?

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