Mary Osborne on YouTube

May 17, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Mary Osborne was IMHO one of the major guitarists coming directly out of the Christian bag. Her style was direct, hardswinging and muscular (one hesitates to say “macho”). Unfortunately, there is precious little available on CD or on the internet. A compilation CD was isued back in 1993, a year after her death, but is rather pricey.

Here is a YouTube clip with Mary playing “I Love Paris” and “These Foolish Things” from the A Girl and Her Guitar 1959 session. Her playing on the former is twangy (as befits someone playing the Gretsch White Falcon), and an interesting contrast to Tommy Flanagan’s delicate piano playing. To repeat: We want more Mary!


3 Responses to “Mary Osborne on YouTube”

  1. Nick Rossi Says:

    I could not agree more! As both a Gretsch-playing jazz guitarist and a fan of the Charlie Christian school of playing, I would love to hear more of her recordings. A couple of her tracks appear on Hep’s “Swing To Bop Guitar” and she appears as part of Mary Lou Williams Girl Stars compiled on the pianist’s Chronologic Classics: 1945-1947. A couple of her tracks with Coleman Hawkins are available on iTunes as is one cut from the “Cats Meet Chicks” LP which pits her against Tal Farlow (you can hear both of their voices on this particular recording). Here is a link to one of her recordings with Williams:

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    Thanks a lot for the link. It is excellent. I personally love these appr. 1945 recordings which are neither swing nor bebop. The tracks she made with Hawkins (which is indicative of the very esteem she must have been held in back then)are excellent. Haven’t heard any of the Cats Meets Chicks tracks yet.

  3. Carsten B Says:

    She looks neither muscular nor matcho to me.

    Unusual with a female guitarplayer in his period.

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