Barney Kessel Anecdotes

February 25, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Here is a nice bio of Barney with some personal reminiscences by the author, Larry Grinnel. Ever wondered about Barney’s, uhhmmm, characteristic wardrobe, such as those over-dimensioned bow-ties, yellow shirts, and alternatively matched trousers and jackets (e.g., here and here)? Here is the explanation:

Barney was also known for his outlandish wardrobe. He often got himself “out front” by arranging with his fellow players, such as Charlie Byrd and Herb Ellis with the Great Guitars, agreeing to wear a conservative business suit. When they all met up to do the show, there was Herb and Charlie in the agreed upon suits, while there was Barney in some wild Hawaiian print. The folks in the audience were not about to forget Barney Kessel!

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