“Archtop Guitars and Books”

February 24, 2009

Nicolai Foss

Aussie readers of J&A (in particular), take notice: Richard Autenzio has just launched a new site that offers “Australia’s Best Collection of Archtop Guitars and Books” –for sale, that is. Among the nice archtops offered for sale is a Gibson Herb Ellis, which is a lovely guitar. Remember also to check out the gallery part (Richard’s own collection?), in which I thought the Ibanez Salvador was a particularly interesting archtop. Richard: If you read this, could you add details on the Salvador?

One Response to ““Archtop Guitars and Books””

  1. Hi Nicolai and readers,
    This little Ibanez guitar is very inportant to me because it is one of the earliest examples I have of a well known Japanese archtop guitar. The original case that it came in looks half violin and half guitar style. I actually purchased this guitar unseen from Melbourne and when I opened the case after receiving it, I was very please with what I had purchased. The guitar had been stored under somones bed I think for a long time. I was even more surprised when I opened the interior centre compartment of the case, to find an enverlope with the original purchase receipt and a busines card from the salesman. There were also some old but original guitar string packets. This little Ibanez is one of the most decorated perloid style guitars I have seen. Unfortunately because I have a lot of guitars in my modest collection I have not played it much but I do remember the sound being along the lines of a Maccaferri type sound. If any of the readers would like any more information or has any further questions on this guitar or any others in my collection I would be delighted to respond. Thank you Nicolai and readers.

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