For Archtop Purists

December 19, 2008

Nicolai Foss

One Response to “For Archtop Purists”

  1. I am sorry I am late responding to this very interesting comment on Joe Pass playing a Solid slab but as a archtop lover this responce will never be to late. You have hit on one of my pet subjects. To start with, If I was a professional gigging guitarist which I am far from, but if I was, I would be happy playing a Tele thinline for my Jazz gigs.
    Being and traditional archtop love and having many archtop guitars to back up my love, I believe that as soon as you attach a pick up to most archtop guitars and put on flats you have an electric guitar. I have heard other very good Jazz player use the solid slabs for Jazz gigs and it is hard for me to tell the difference with my eyes shut. I ask you readers out there: How often have you picked up a full archtop that sounds exactly the same plugged in as it does acoustically? I look forward to all responces from all readers on this comment. If someone would like to get into a very deep private technical chat on this subject I can be contacted at
    Regards Richard.

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