The Gibson ES-775

October 8, 2008

Nicolai Foss

As the number suggests, the ES-775 is an upgraded version of the ES-175(e.g., gold hardware, split block inlays, pickup moved closer to the neck, ebony knobs, etc.) perhaps somewhat akin to the L4, but with a laminated maple top (whereas the L4 has a solid spruce top). It was produced either 1990-1992 or 1990-1994 (sources differ somewhat). has a very pretty specimen on offer at the moment for the price of 4,115 USD. And here is a very different one; different headstock, different tailpiece, and, of course, sunburst rather than natural. The price is also very different: 2,400 USD. And here are the user reviews.

One Response to “The Gibson ES-775”

  1. Luc Reubrecht Says:

    I want to sell my Gibson ES 775 (blonde) in original Gibson case. How much can I get for it. I was told only 500 were build betwee 1982 and 1985, is it true?
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

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