Mirabella Archtops

June 14, 2008

Nicolai Foss

Richard Autenzio draws my attention to the work of Christian Mirabella:

There is a young man in New York called Cristian Mirabella and he is making very fine arch tops and I have to confess that I have got my eye on one of his arch tops. For the real lover like my sef, he makes what I will call a few modern arch top guitars, which surprise, surprise do not have pick ups fitted. What this means is that the guitar is made totally in the intrest of the acoustic sound and not the plugged in sound and his work is beautiful. As with is name. So for all those other lovers of arch tops out there and for your your enjoyment look up Mirabells guitars and see our future.

Here is a recent NYT article on Mirabella. And here is website. Strongly D’Aquisto inspired, but taking that dominant design quite significantly further, as witness the fantastic “Johanna Model.” There is even a D’Aquisto style bass. And check out his link on “cool jazz guitars.” We better not discuss the prices of those beaties 😦


2 Responses to “Mirabella Archtops”

  1. DHM Says:

    Rather closer to home for us in Europe, do you know of Josep Melo’s work? His JM series might interest you: http://www.meloguitars.com/instruments_www/instruments_jm5.htm

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    Oh yes, I know it… Stunning … There is a great Melo for sale on http://www.archtop.com

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