The James Bond Guitar, errmmm, almost ….

May 26, 2008

Nicolai Foss

The most expensive guitar in history is arguably the Clifford Essex Paragon de Luxe that Vic Flick used for the statement of the melody line in the James Bond theme (here is a fun page on Flick). It is reported to have been traded for a price around ½ million USD. Still some way to go for those D’Aquistos, Strombergs and D’Angelicos. Anyway, here is a similar Essex archtop. Not the one — but still offered at a buy it now price of 15,500 USD! Essex guitars are well made, do fetch high prices, and this specimen is quite pretty, but 15,500 …. GMaB!!!


3 Responses to “The James Bond Guitar, errmmm, almost ….”

  1. […] (who has clearly read too much Kurt Vonnegut) mails an extended and very interesting comment on my earlier mocking of a Clifford Essex archtop being offered at 15,500 USD at ebay which is reproduced here: Just an […]

  2. steven Says:

    I have a paragon gutarar please contact me 415 6474940

  3. Albert Williams Says:

    I have a 1936 Paragon with the 1966 floating pick up. looking for a picture of one with the pickup installed.

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