Fender Hand Carved Bleg

March 16, 2008

Nicolai Foss

Fender is not usually associated with archtop guitars. However, many will know about the very pretty Fender D’Aquistos of about two decades ago. Before those guitars there was the Montego, which seems relatively rare, but is occassionally traded (e.g., here).

But there was also the Hand Carved, here shown in a pic from the 1972 Fender catalogue. IMHO it is not a particularly beautiful guitar, and really rather odd with its very long f-holes, over-dimensioned pickguard, unusual humbuckers, and almost Maccaferri-like cutaway (and what happened to the right side of the bridge?). Nothing in this guitar says “Fender.”

Do any O&M readers have details on the Hand Carved? When was it introduced? Discontinued? How many were produced? What was the price of the guitar? Any notable players who played it?

I have never seen it offered for sale, so I reckon it must be quite rare, but I really don’t know.

One Response to “Fender Hand Carved Bleg”

  1. Ron Says:

    These were the LTD series.Designed by Roger Rossmeissell.These odd ff holes carried over to the hollow Telecasters.

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