December 5, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Gypsy guitars built by Busato are often mentioned as a part of the “holy trinity” of gypsy guitars, i.e., Selmer, Favino and Busato — but mentioned in that order. I have had occasion to try out a few Busatos and Favinos (no Selmers so far), and I like the Busatos I have tried more than the Favinos (they are more “woody”). Here is what I think is an excellent Busato offer at French ebay. Compared to a Favino, and certainly a Selmer, the quoted pay now price is very low.

Here is Danish Busato-player, Henrik Larsen with his band Gypsymania.

3 Responses to “Busato”

  1. DHM Says:

    If he’d had the restoration done as he describes – new frets and tailpiece – but not refinished it, it’d be worth a good deal more.

    It can be a tricky choice: refinish and make it look nice but kill the collector value stone dead, or leave original and – for some – ugly?

    Of course for those of us interested in playing them, refins can be bargains.

  2. DHM Says:

    And while they’re not included in your trinity, I still have a yearning for a di Mauro http://www.gypsyguitars.com/instrument-closeup.php?id=961

  3. Nicolai Foss Says:


    I agree entirely that this particular DiMauro model is a very, very attractive guitar. I admire it too and was close to buying one on French ebay but was trumped by a higher bidder seconds before the auction ended.

    DiMauros seem, however, to have a reputation for somewhat uneven quality, and that may explain why they are not usually seen as on par with e.g. Favinos.

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