Emperor Bleg

December 4, 2007

Nicolai Foss

This is from the excellent Freddie Green site:

The acoustic arch-top version of the Emperor was discontinued around 1957, but in subsequent years the name has been used to name several electric models, such as the Emperor II, Emperor Regent, and Joe Pass Emperor. These instruments have very little in common with acoustic arch-top version that Freddie Green used. Under the ownership of Gibson, Epiphone offered a Japanese-made Emperor acoustic re-issue in limited quantities for a short time during the mid 1990’s.

I have not been able to find info on this Emperor acoustic re-issue, nor have I ever seen it offered for sale. Can anyone help?

UPDATE: Here is a bit of info on these guitars.


One Response to “Emperor Bleg”

  1. Edward Cullen Says:

    There is currently a 1992/3 Epiphone 1939 Emperor Reissue on Archtop.com, with a fair amout of info on these great guitars. I have one, with a dark sunburst colour, and it compares very well to my original 1940 Epiphone Emperor.

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