Seller Codes

November 19, 2007

Nicolai Foss

As we all know sellers like to exalt their products. However, many sellers are also reluctant to engage in too dishonest and/or non-credible selling rhetorics. So sometimes they will insert little indications that provide a good signal of the true quality of the good offered for sale. Or, alternatively they are too stupid to see that their exaltations are just not credible. Anyway, sellers of archtops, too, make use of certain standard phrases. Here are some of the classics:

Excellent for slide playing.” The true classic (as well as its variations, such as “plays good slide too in open tuning”)! Usually means that the action is impossible, usually due to a warped neck. Beware!

It has that mojo“. = “I couldn’t find anything objectively nice (i.e., as can be seen in photos) to say about this guitar.”

I have tried many L5s, and this is at least as good as the best of them.” Yeah, right!

This guitar is going to appreciate strongly in value over the coming years“. Errh … why don’t you just keep it, then?

The guitar has had a later addition of an excellent [producer] pickup.” Some dimwit destroyed a beautiful top.

Does the J&A readership have any juice examples of archtop seller codes?

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