Jon Raney’s Jazz Forum

October 27, 2007

Nicolai Foss

One of my first great jazz guitar experiences was listening, as a young high school student, to Jimmy Raney’s talented son, Doug Raney. I remember several great concerts from around 1980, some of them in the classic “Montmartre” in Nørregade in Copenhagen, with Doug who was then in his late twenties, that is, not that distant from my own age. Doug became something of a hero to me, and I listened endlessly to his debut record, Introducing Doug Raney, which Doug cut at the tender age of 21.

I realized only yesterday that Jimmy Raney had another talented son, Jon Raney, who specializes in the piano. Jon runs Jon Raney’s Jazz Forum. For the Jimmy Raney fan, there is much interesting material. For example, here is Jim Hall on Jimmy Raney.

UPDATE: Here is the myspace page on Jimmy.


4 Responses to “Jon Raney’s Jazz Forum”

  1. Carsten Bergmann Says:


    Strangely I also remember that time. Sharing a desk in high school I remember your eternal rambling on Jimmi Raney and his music. I was more into jazz and funk at the time but I could certainly hear his talent and musicality. Never got into him though. I was more into big band jazz as well. I think it was you that introduced me to Atomic Basie. Still one of my favorites.

    Are you still listening to Jim Raney?

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    Hi Carsten, Long time, etc. Yes, Raney is still a favorite (both of them actually). Hey, we did hear some good music in those days. Remember the Dexter Gordon concert? And Ole Molin (and unsung hero of Danish jazz guitar!).

  3. Carsten Bergmann Says:

    Hi Nikolai,

    Long time for sure. I remember the Dexter Gordon concert but I have to admit I was never a big Gordon fan. The concert made an impression though! Also Ole Molin I remember. Good memory you have.

    I still listen to Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Robben ford, Eric Clapton and others of that standard. I am more attracted to the sound and productions of the 80s and also some of the 90s.

  4. Ivana Setiawan Says:

    I just checked Doug Raney out, I love it!

    I am a huge fan of Gordon Goodwin (anybody here ever heard bout him?) he’s nominated for 3 GRAMMYs last week…he’s super talented:)

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