Kent Bargain

October 4, 2007

Nicolai Foss

The DeArmond pickup concept was copied by numerous firms, most famously by French Stimer. One of the successful and prolific adopters of the DeArmond concept was Kent. I once owned one of these, which was fully as good as a DeArmond (FHC).

The Kent equivalent to the DeArmond 1000 or 1100 is this beautiful pickup assembly. At 129 USD (buy-it-now price), this is one of the best archtop-related bargains currently on ebay.

3 Responses to “Kent Bargain”

  1. Fabrice Ducluzeau Says:

    Dear Nicolai,

    I’ve just acquired a new old stock WC-16 floating pickup assembly which does work and sounds good ( it starts to “dirty up” as you dig into the strings harder ).

    It seems to be a clone of a Dearmond FH-C. Is that the pickup you used to own, its output is way lower than an 8K P90 ( probably 4 to 5k ) and I’m wondering if that is normal or if I should look at having it repaired.

    Thank You

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    Yes, I owned a WC-16. Contrary to your pickup I remember it as a powerful pickup. Perhaps you should have a techie look at it, but I am not sure what can be done. Re-magnetize it?

  3. Fabrice Ducluzeau Says:

    Hi Nicolai,

    Thanks for the answer. I just got myself Dearmond FHC-C and it is a lot different, the output through my practice amp is at least similar to my telecaster.

    The Kent is NOS so I don’t think it was damaged, It could be the cable as I use a guitar to computer cable.

    I meant to say also that somewhere else on your site you mentionned having seen an Aria with a CC pickup. If that was an FA50-E on Ebay or the TDPRI it was a guitar I modified but ended up selling. I used a Vintage Vibe CC pickup but the guitar sounded bet with a Duncan Antiquity P90.

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