Michele Ariodante

September 13, 2007

Nicolai Foss

In my Eddie Lang bleg I asked who today is playing in the Lang/Kress/McDonough style. Italian guitarist, Michele Ariodante replied, saying that he does. Indeed he does — check out Michele’s beautiful rendition of Carl Kress’ “Sutton Mutton.” And here he is with Andy Stein, playing the Lang & Venuti classic, “Wild Cat.”

Noticed the archtop Michele is playing? This a Gretsch Synchromatic similar to the one I offer for sale (see here). Submit a bid!


3 Responses to “Michele Ariodante”

  1. Tom Murphey Says:

    If you haven’t yet discovered Marty Grosz, you’re missing a wonderful catalog of chordal Carl Kress style guitar! Marty, like Kress, Lang, McDonough, etc., started as a banjo player. He tunes his 1935 L-5 like a plectrum banjo, with F 5th string and Bb 6th, similar to Carl Kress. There are a dozen or so available CDs of Marty with his various pickup groups, “Destiny’s Tots” and the “Orphan Newsboys,” with super chord solos in the good old style. Check it out!

  2. momalle3 Says:

    Yes! He’s a great player and he nails that style with a modern fair. And he’s a nice guy. Thank for the help Michele, I got the Eddie Lang book.

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