A Heritage Eagle Meets a CC Pickup

September 12, 2007

Nicolai Foss

I have had a Charlie Christian replica pickup (of the UK-made kind) installed on my Heritage Eagle. I picked up the guitar today. It looks wonderful and it plays wonderfully!!

The work was expertly done by Ole Kehlet, who had to use a whole day of work to install the pickup alone. Ole claims he is the only luthier in Denmark who is capable of doing it; apparently, this is how difficult that operation is.

Anyway, this has been terribly expensive, but it is worth every krone of it: This is the best pickup I have ever heard. When played through a small tube amp, It is completely “authentic” in the sense of getting very close to that Charlie or early Jimmy Raney sound. The sound is fat, dark, woody, and mellow. The only problem so far. is a bit of noise but reducing the treble does away with that.

I will post some pics of the guitar ASAP. Until I do so check out these pics of another modified Heritage Eagle

2 Responses to “A Heritage Eagle Meets a CC Pickup”

  1. DHM Says:

    Which version did you choose (no notch, one notch or six notches)?

    And when can we see pictures?

  2. Nicolai Foss Says:

    I chose the no notch. I was a bit worried about excessive output from the b string, but there has been no problem of this kind.
    Will take the pics tonight. And will try to upload them as well.

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