Buffalo Bros. and Epiphone

August 22, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Buffalo Bros. seems on their way to beating Archtop.com as the premier dealer of vintage Epis. Not only do they offer a stunning Emperor, they also offer a beautiful Broadway. Wow!

2 Responses to “Buffalo Bros. and Epiphone”

  1. bruce henkin Says:

    My experience with Buffalo Bros. is 1) they are ALWAYS overpriced relative to other archtop sources 2) they tend to gloss over their errors in representing the guitars incorrectly 3) they’re very slow to respond to customers e-mail questions 4) they keep guitars on their site even after they have been sold (this rudeness once caused me to drive from Los Angeles down to their store for a guitar that had been sold, but was still posted on their site (make sure you call before you go there).

  2. Roberto Says:

    Got to disagree. I have bought from both Adrian at BuffaloBros. and from Joe Vinikow at Archtop.com. Both experiences were very pleasant and I got two very fine instruments. Prices were comparable from both dealers.

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