Jazz Guitar Blogs

August 19, 2007

Nicolai Foss

When I started this blog back in March, I thought it was the first of its kind. Not so; Lee Gesmer started his The Jazz Guitarist already in 2005. Lee’s blog contains mainly links to jazz guitar clips on Youtube and elsewhere.

A completely new blog is Lyle Robinson’s The Jazz Guitar Life.Com Blog, which is very nice and very considerably slicker than the present humble blog.

The main difference between J&A and Lee and Lyle’s blogs seems to be that I am more of a guitarhead that they are, that is, there is much more on gear (i.e., archtops) on J&A.

UPDATE: Here is a blog dedicated to Oscar Aleman (and here is an Oscar site; thanks to Jørgen Larsen for the pointers).


One Response to “Jazz Guitar Blogs”

  1. Hi Nicolai and thanks for mentioning my blog. My main site http://www.jazzguitarlife.com is my baby and has been around for three years but I felt I needed a blog to post daily thoughts quickly without always having to make updates to Jazz Guitar Life. And you are right…your blog is dedicated more to the beauty of the Archtop and it’s significant role in Jazz. Kudos to you…:) ATke care and thanks again, I’m enjoying checking out your site.

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