A DeArmond Bubble?

August 17, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Are we witnessing a tulip bubble in pickups?

Buy-it-now prices for DeArmond pickups are rising rather dramatically. The increase in these suggested prices indicate that the prices at which the pickups are actually traded are increasing as well.

Here is a seller suggesting a price of 899 USD for a DeArmond 1000 pickup and here is another seller suggesting a buy-it-now price of 850 USD for a DeArmond 1100 pickup.

This is over the top! There is no doubt that these pickups represent excellent quality, but — in my book at least — they just cannot beat a Benedetto pickup or a handmade Kent Armstrong pickup — and they sell for much less.

3 Responses to “A DeArmond Bubble?”

  1. Hi. I just wanted to say that I definitely agree with you. There are those however who will pay such prices thus creating a “market value”. That being said, thanks for this blog. I have added you to my blogroll if that’s ok. Take care. I’m gonna look around your site now…;)

  2. […] ago I blogged on the crazy prices that those old DeArmonds are increasingly able to fetch (here and here). But here is what arguably the pinnacle of this tulip/DeArmond craziness/bubble: A quite […]

  3. Aaron Says:

    The one thing though that is great with the DeArmonds are that they have a true VINTAGE SOUND. The Benedetto and Kent Armstrong varieties are usually humbucking (except for the single coil KA). Also, the DeArmond pickups often have built in controls and output jack. It’s much less invasive than having to buy a new pickguard, and then get all the pots fitted. The $300 for a FHC is worth it for the extra convenience of not needing to do any work to fit it.

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