Gypsy Shredder Moreno

August 13, 2007

Nicolai Foss

One of the most under-appreciated contemporary jazz guitarists is the great Alsacian gypsy guitarist, Moreno Winterstein. Here is a clip, supplied by Rune Larsen (I believe Rune captured the performance on his own equipment), of Moreno in his usual intense shredding mood (playing an archtop that I cannot identify).

When I lived in Paris in 2002 I had the privilege to listen to Moreno on several occasions. He consistently played fantastically and was clearly idolized by the audience. Moreno is surely one of the most technically accomplished guitarists in the World, but still somebody who plays with a lot of feeling and inventiveness.

Here is another YouTube clip with Moreno.

UPDATE: Here is a clip from the recent Samois festival of Moreno, playing in a somewhat more relaxed manner.


One Response to “Gypsy Shredder Moreno”

  1. Rune Larsen Says:

    I took this footage of Moreno “Master Shredder” Winterstein with my cam-corder on my very first samois festival ( 2001 ), and after seeing Moreno, i was in a state of shock ! in fact, i never even once had my guitar out of my case on that festival.
    The guitar he’s playing is a Dell Arte, so ther you have it.

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