When Giants Cooperate …

June 16, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Here is the 1934 Selmer D’Angelico now offered by archtop.com at about 20k USD. Here is part of the story, as told by Joe:

In the handwritten ledgers of John D’Angelico, the luthier recorded his output of instruments each with its serial number, date of completion and purchaser. While most of his creations were sold directly to individual customers, a small number of guitars were commissioned by retailers like Gravois Music and Silver and Horlund. Three of D’Angelico’s earliest instruments share an particularly intriguing designation. Built over a seven month period between November 1933 and May of 1934, they are noted in the builder’s hand as produced for a single notable customer: Selmer.

Best known for their superlative woodwinds, the Selmer name is renowned among guitarists for the distinctive acoustic jazz guitars made famous by Django Reinhardt and his followers. Barely a year after Selmer Paris produced the first of the Maccaferri design guitars in 1932, Selmer New York apparently contracted with John D’Angelico for a similar venture: to produce a number of archtop guitars under their prestigious name. For whatever reason, the arrangement was short-lived, and only three instruments were produced under the partnership. The whereabouts of the first two Selmer D’Angelicos remains unknown to us at this time. The third and final example, #1062, is presented here.


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