Hank Garland on MySpace

June 5, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Yes, here it is. Apparently, this is a PR thing for the Hank Garland movie, Crazy.

UPDATE: OK, here is George Benson on MySpace. No evidence that George himself is actively involved in this.


One Response to “Hank Garland on MySpace”

  1. Hank Garland Says:

    This filn is being released by Favorded Nations. Steve Vai plays Hank Willimas, Sr.( a cameo apperance) and also Producer. Rick Bieber has a comment about his being director of this True Life Story of Legendary Guitarist Hank Garland.
    It is a brillant film and the Legacy of Hank Garland will live forever.
    A real labor of love and appreciation for Hank Garland by everyone involved in this film, A Must see film if you love #1 hits of 19th Century Music!
    The Hank Garland family
    I run this my space page. We are the family of Hank Garland

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