DeArmond Craziness

May 20, 2007

Nicolai Foss

So, what is the current market prize for a DeArmond 1100 Rhytm Chief (gold plated)? A whopping 2, 550 USD!!! These are surely great pickups, but are they that much better than a more modest DeArmond FHC pickup, which can still be bought at less than 200 USD. I think not!


2 Responses to “DeArmond Craziness”

  1. Nicolai,
    My name is Gerry Beaudoin and I am a jazz guitarist. I also sell jazz guitar pickups. I have many DeArmonds of all styles in stock as well as brand newCC pickups and Benedetto S-6 archtop pickups. ny email is
    Take care,

  2. Brian Fitzgerald Says:

    I recently payed a lot of money for a Model 1100 and the reason is the pole pieces. I have used a Model 1000 on a number of guitars and it sounds great, but it can be a little wild. You get some strings hotter than others, and have to set the pickup in place very carefully, and select string guages to compensate. With the Model 1100, you just get out the screwdriver and all is well. Also, the Model 1100 has a very classy open sound that is very hi-fi, whereas the 1000 has a classic vintage honk about it. With the 1100, I never think about my right hand, with the 1000 I have to be constantly aware of the picking stroke. For me, the 1100 is worth every cent.

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