Stunning Roger Guitar

May 4, 2007

Nicolai Foss

One of the legends of guitar manufacturing is Roger Rossmeisl, the German who designed many of the Rickenbacker guitars of the 1950s and was a major Fender engineer in the 1960s. Roger was born in Germany and received training as a guitar builder there, later working with his father, Wenzel. Here is what is apparently one of the last archtops he made before his immigration to the US. An amazing creation!

2 Responses to “Stunning Roger Guitar”

  1. Jean Pierre Says:

    Sorry, I could not see this post in time…How was this guitar looking like? Could someone describe it?…

  2. giorg Says:

    I have problem. I dont what is name this guitar maybe Roger or Migma Meister but im not quite sure. Elektronic this Rellog Gitona. Please help me. Contact Thanks

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