Great Boxsets

April 10, 2007

Nicolai Foss

There are now a number of great jazz guitar box sets. I highly recommend these:

Hittin’ on All Six. This begins with Lonnie Johnson and ends with Jimmy Raney. Lots of great and rare tracks with the likes of Dave Barbour, Billy Mackel, Mary Osborne, Bus Etri, Bernard Addison, and other largely forgotten but excellent players, plus tracks with much better known players such as George Barnes and Barney Kessel, in addition to the major innovators, Lang, Reinhardt and Christian.

Charlie Christian: The Genius of the Electric Guitar. Indispensable!!

Jimmy Raney — Woody Herman’s Cool Guitar Player. Apparently, the German producers of this 4-cd set think that Raney needs to be advertised by means of the association with Herman. Well, perhaps, but for jazz guitar afficionados Raney is one of the greatest. This fourfer features lots of wonderful “cool” material from the 1950s — and at a ridicuolously low price.

The Complete Verve Tal Farlow Sessions. In a booklet that accompanies this set, Howard Alden argues that these sessions, with the main bulk of Tal’s recorded output from the 1950s, are the “Holy Grail of Jazz Guitar.” Amen!

Tal Farlow: The Fastest Guitar Play of His Era. If you think that the price of the above Tal collection is too much to stomach, try this fourfer (by the same producers as the Raney fourfer — and with an equally ridiculous subtitle; but who cares at that price?).

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