Epi Bonanza on Ebay

April 7, 2007

Nicolai Foss

It is only very seldom that so many wonderful Epiphone archtops are offered for sale at Ebay. Here is one of the most stunning examples of the Deluxe — often claimed to be the best factory-made archtop ever produced — I have seen. At 6,500 USD a pretty hefty buy-it-now price, but considering that the Deluxe is as good (some claim better) than the Emperor, not entirely unrealistic. Here is another, blonde, Deluxe. Also stunning, but apparently it needs some work. Here is a Spartan with some Hawaiian painting on the back. I know what I would do with it if I purchased this guitar!

However, the best bargain of them all, if “bargain” is to be defined as high value for a small price, is surely this great looking Zephyr with a ridiculously low buy-it-now price of only 890 USD. Too bad I have too many black boxes sitting around the house already…


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