March 29, 2007

Nicolai Foss

As I mentioned earlier I have bought a Charlie Christian replica pickup. Usually, you would fit these to a Gibson L48 or a L50 (or perhaps an original ES-150). I have seen the CC pickup fitted to L7s, L5s and even to Super 400s. However, only once have I seen it fitted to a non-Gibson (specifically to an Aria).

However, here comes my potential sacrilege: I am seriously considering fitting the CC pickup to my Heritage Eagle! While certainly a nice guitar, the Eagle isn’t that super valuable, we are not talking L5 here, so the issue of cutting a hole in an arched top isn’t that big an issue to me. What I am more worried about is whether the pickup will really fit the Heritage tonally. Peter Broadbent over at the Yahoo group on Charlie Christian once argued that the CC pickup are simply better suited for some archtops than for others (specifically, he mentioned that it wasn’t suited for the Gibson L7).

Any ideas?


One Response to “Sacrilege?”

  1. swingdogg Says:

    Nicoali, please keep me posted on the cc pickup & how it sounds…I am seriously considering one of these or a Lollar myself. thanks!

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