March 3, 2007

Nicolai Foss

Jazz&Archtops is now up and running. Welcome to all readers (hopefully the plural is appropriate). I am a management professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, with a love for classic jazz guitar, i.e., the players and their instruments. This is a blog that will feature my thoughts on

  • Gear — that is, archtop guitars, pickups, amps, etc. including alerting readers to particularly attractive offers by ebay, archtop.com and other vendors.
  • Jazz guitarists.
  • Records, DVDs, etc.
  • Publications on archtops, jazz guitars, transcriptions and the like. 
  • Relevant internet resources.

I am not aware of a similar blog anywhere in the blogosphere (pls let me know if there are any), although there are of course discussion groups, for example, on yahoo.  Thus, I trust that I will fill a gap and meet a need. 


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. […] I started this blog back in March, I thought it was the first of its kind. Not so; as Lee Gesmer started his The Jazz Guitarist […]

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